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Time is a resource just like money.Time management is really self-management. The way you manage your time reflects who you are.

Think about the past month.For each of the time pressures listed below, indicate how much each has been a source of distress to you.

Score each item according to how much of the time each statement applies to you.

The Scale: 1(always), 2(often), 3(sometimes), 4 (rarely), 5(never)

  always never
I feel overwhelmed by too many tasks and responsibilities-juggling priorities.

I am very busy and impatient.

The closer the deadlines, the harder I work.
I have to cope with too many organizational or job task changes.
I am drowning in an overload of information from mail, faxes, E-mail, the Internet.
I feel pressured by too many demands from clients/customers /boss.
I dislike turning over responsibility to others.
I find it difficult to stay agile, flexible, and resilient and focus on what is important.
Worry robs me of time and energy.
I have difficulty making decisions affecting my work and the work of associates.
I'm frequently late for appointments or meetings.
My “B” and “C” priorities take so much time that I rarely get to the “A's”.
I put things off until it's too late, or no longer matters.
I look at projects as a whole, rather than breaking them up into smaller units.
I am sleep deprived and do not feel rested in the morning.
I feel that my work does not reflect my vision, mission, and values.
My behavior is incongruent with what I truly believe.
Planning my day-every day is difficult for me.
I am unable to establish a clear direction and develop personal and career goals.
I find it difficult to create a health work and life balance.


You are doing a great job managing your time and life. Congratulations! Coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You are managing yourself and time to a considerable extent. There is still room for improvement. You will benefit from taking a Time/Self-Management workshop. Consider coaching to help you further develop your self-management skills and learn new strategies.


Things may be spinning out of control. You need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. Don't walk…RUN to a Time/Self-Management workshop. Strongly consider coaching.

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) managing your time and your life.