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It is important to select people who demonstrate emotional intelligence competencies that are a  great fit with the organization's culture.Research supports that successful people at work usually have  good personal/interpersonal skills as well as technical capability.

Score each item according to how much of the time each statement applies to you.

The Scale: 5(always), 4(often), 3(sometimes), 2 (rarely), 1(never)

  always never
I identify the critical success factors or job-specific competencies before beginning the selection process.

I study the qualifications of applicants in light of a performance-based job description (what work needs to be accomplished) before each interview.

I develop a structured behavioral interview plan.
I begin each interview by establishing a relaxed climate conducive to good communication .
I ask questions giving the candidate a opportunity to provide examples where he/she has demonstrated empathy.
I use prepared questions to draw out essential information.
I listen 80 % of the time.
I adhere to equal employment opportunity guidelines.
I record key points.
I avoid preconception and personal bias.
I provide information about the job, and the organization, and answer the candidate's questions.
I make selection decisions on the basis of job requirements.
I document my selection decisions on a rating form.
I let all candidates know the outcome of their interview.
I incorporate valid, reliable pre-employment tests.
I do an exacting job analysis.
I ask for specific examples of projects, tasks, or assignments the candidate has handled.
I ask questions inquiring about past work behavior that demonstrates personal-interpersonal competencies.
I probe for examples demonstration strong interpersonal effectiveness.
I ask questions to determine self-awareness and self-management competencies .


You are doing a great job interviewing and selecting the right people. Congratulations! Coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You interviewing and selecting emotionally intelligent people to some extent. There is still room for improvement. You will benefit from taking an Interviewing and Selecting Emotionally Intelligent People workshop. Consider coaching to help you further develop your interviewing skills and learn new strategies.


Your interviewing skills need some considerable attention. You need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. It is strongly advised that you sigh up for an Interviewing and Selecting Emotionally Intelligent People workshop. Strongly consider coaching and/or mentoring.

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) hiring emotionally intelligent people.