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Who We Serve

We work with companies and professional service firms including law and accountancy firms who want to improve their strategic talent management processes. A great number of the organizations that we serve are in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. We also have a number of individual professional clients that may include lawyers, accountants and company leaders across various industries.

Our clients typically want help for themselves or their organization in the area of leadership development. They are reasonably psychological minded and interested in working with a consulting psychologist to better understand human behavior applied to the world of work. The desired outcome or result is enhanced emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

Are you struggling with any of these problems?

“Our hiring success rate and retention of key employees needs to improve.
Poor hires have cost our company a great deal of money and caused undue distress and wasted time for everyone involved. We have hired senior leaders who turned out to be a poor fit with our organizational culture. They lacked emotional intelligence and were not good team players. We need to dramatically improve our ability to select the best people for the right positions”.

“The eleven members of our leadership team do not work effectively as a high performing team. There are problems related to avoidance of accountability, full engagement, fear of conflict, absence of trust, and achieving organizational goals versus self-interest. There are longstanding core personal/interpersonal issues and group dynamics that are contributing to the dysfunction. The culture supports an avoidance of conflict. Eventually the whole organization needs to be engaged in a culture change process”.

“As the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I’d like to learn the qualities of good leadership and develop a more flexible leadership style. I need to gain more clarity regarding the identity of our company and create a compelling vision. I need help engaging our people and becoming a more inspirational leader. We need to retain our top talent”.

“I’m a VP of marketing and sales from a financial institution and am under a great deal of pressure to meet our sales goals. I’m overwhelmed with work, “stressed out”, and under enormous pressure. I need help developing influencing skills, delegation, emotional intelligence competency and stress resiliency”.

“We need a succession plan to select and develop the successor to the current president of our accountancy firm. The Board of Directors is unclear regarding identifying the requisite competencies required of candidates to lead our firm into the future. We have two internal vice presidents that need leadership development. Should we look outside? Will an outside candidate fit our culture?”

“Our law firm has a number of clients and we are expanding into new locations. The partners want to focus on their core legal competencies and business development. We need to hire new attorneys whose values are aligned with the Firm’s culture. The senior partners need to create a vision, mission, and values statement that will provide a focus for the business strategy. We are planning a firm retreat and need a facilitator”.

“I am an attorney working 80 hours per week and am exhausted. The pressure of meeting the billable hour requirement and professional goals are having an adverse affect on my health and home-life. I need help finding a balance between professional success and a satisfying personal life. I’m thinking of a career transition”.

“I don’t find much meaning or purpose in my work. I find myself fatigued, de-moralized, dispirited, sleep-deprived, and burned out. I’m not clear on my identity or what I should do with my life. I’d like to discover a career with purpose and passion”.

Successful Clients

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if...

You and/or your organization behave according to your deeply held values. You have a clear understanding of your identity or are open to discovering it. You desire transformation and not quick fixes. You value collaboration and partnership. You take action and execute.

The professional services you deliver are at the highest possible level. Striving for excellence and inventiveness are built into your corporate culture and mission or reside in your individual DNA. As an organization or individual, you thirst for new ideas and are open to creatively seek out new possibilities. You adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

We find that the clients who succeed the most have the following characteristics. They are highly motivated to maximize their full potential, are open and honest with themselves, realize that if they want different results they need to do things differently, are open to learning a better way – often tapping into their own inner resources, and are enthusiastic about making a commitment of time and money. They learn by taking action.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the problems we help them resolve
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